what are your operating hours?

we operate daily!

mondays to fridays: 9am to 5pm

after hours 6pm to 10pm for local deliveries.

weekends: 9am to 1pm

after hours 2pm to 10pm for local deliveries.

where is your fulfilment location?

we ship all our products out of Japan.

for pick up, do refer to our map of where we are located for physical meet ups.

for domestic deliveries in Japan, we fulfil them via JP Post.

for international deliveries, we fulfil them via USPS/JP Post.

i need customer support!

we are contactable on facebook and instagram @momokeebs.

for corporate enquiries and purchases, please email us at momokeebs@gmail.com.

we reply typically within the day.

ordering with momokeebs

what if i want to change/cancel the products in my order?

if you would like to amend your order, please let us know within 1 hour! any cancellation will result in a refund via the payment method given.

thereafter, your order gets processed for backordering or fulfillment. only exchanges/returns can be done afterwhich.

how are orders being fulfilled?

upon successful order, products will be shipped out within 2 weeks.

a separate email will be sent to you once we ship it out, along with a tracking number.

what are backorders?

for some of our products, we have backorders opened as we do not carry ready stocks on hand. do proceed on to place these orders! :)

for products on backorder:

backorders will take up to 2 weeks to reach us, and then it will be ready for pick up or shipping domestically/internationally.

what if i have questions on the products? e.g. keyboard size, keycap compatibility, connection mode, etc

please message us on facebook/instagram @momokeebs and we will gladly assist you!

tell me more about your add-on services! e.g. keyboard modding, switch lubing, etc

we provide keyboard modding, switch lubing and filming services!

you may add on these services here.

do note that add-on services will take an additional 1-3 days on top of the usual fulfilment time.

i need replacement parts!

some keyboards have replacement parts available, and they can be sent to you.

do contact us for this!

what is the warranty period like for keyboards?

all keyboards have a 1 year warranty, depending on the brand/manufacturer.

warranty will get voided if the keyboard is tampered with (e.g. modding) or damaged (e.g. moisture from spills, dropped)

replacements parts may be available and we will assist you along the way. for any questions, do feel free to contact us.


tell me more about local delivery (Okinawa, Japan)

if you're living in Okinawa with a Japanese address, do choose the local delivery option upon checkout. we provide free delivery for orders above $50!

there will be a $5 delivery fee for orders below $50.

alternatively, you may choose to self-collect from us by hitting that local pickup option :)

how do i key in my american address even though i'm in Okinawa?

as of 15 apr 2024, we have removed the local delivery option for american addresses even if you're residing in Okinawa (i.e, on base housing)

this was done because there were too many cases of customers residing in the states that chose that option (although it stated local delivery, okinawa japan)

anyway, do key in your PO box address and include your delivery address in the additional notes, if it can't be done on the normal checkout page. if anything, you may email us at momokeebs@gmail.com or message us on facebook/instagram @momokeebs.

where do you ship to?

  1. United States (including APO/FPO) and Zone 4
  2. Japan
  3. Zone 1: China, South Korea, Taiwan
  4. Zone 2: Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam
  5. Zone 3: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, UAE, Europe

shipping to the US will be via USPS priority mail, and JP Post EMS international airmail to the rest of the world. 

we are able to make special arrangements for countries not listed on our checkout page, please contact us @momokeebs on facebook/instagram.

how long will shipping take?

note that the following are estimates, and are subjected to product availability on hand.

asia: 1-2 weeks

US: 1-2 weeks

rest of the world: 2-4 weeks

please make sure your address is correct before confirming your order! we won't be liable for wrong addresses. if there are any changes, please message us as soon as possible.

what if i need my order urgently?

before ordering, do take into consideration of up to 2 weeks for products to reach us, before we are able to ship them out.

for all shipping locations, we use the fastest shipping methods available:

USA: USPS priority mail

JP and rest of the world: JP post small packet/EMS

what if my package arrived in a damaged state?

we check every product included in your package to make sure they are free of defects before shipping out. we wrap and pack every package like a dumpling (yes, bubble wrap and lots of packaging tape) to prevent this from happening.

but in unfortunate circumstances, momokeebs will not be liable for any damages caused during shipping. (we have no control over how people toss and throw packages T.T) this includes damages internally and externally and stolen products.

please approach the relevant logistics companies for reimbursements. do remember to take lots of proof as evidence!

what if my order gets returned back to sender?

usually orders bounce back due to duties/import fees not being paid, or the receiver is not contactable for the delivery. address could be wrong too, so please key in the right shipping details upon checkout.

take the first step of contacting your shipping company to make sure they still have your package and what are the steps to take thereafter.

if you need a re-attempt of shipping, postage has to be made again. if not, it will be forsaken. we do not absorb re-shipping costs.

are there taxes?

we do not charge taxes on all of our products! but unfortunately we do not absorb any VAT/import taxes that may be withholding by your country's courier services. these taxes will not be reflected upon checkout.

do track your orders and make any outstanding payments to ensure that the package gets to you.

do you ship to PO box addresses or lockers?

yes! we ship to PO box addresses, as well as FPO and APO :)

for USPS shipping:

if you would like us to ship to your nearest USPS locker, please indicate in the additional notes section and we will select it on our side if there's a locker available near you. this is a safer option to prevent any theft if packages get delivered to you while you are not at home.

my tracking number is not refreshing!

this is often the case if your international mail is shipped via JP post. as packages are forwarded outbound, do visit this link to track it based on your country:


as an additional layer of tracking, you may contact your local post office to verify further.

order tracking

will i receive an order tracking number?

yes! after you have placed an order, you will receive an order confirmation email instantly.

once we have shipped out your order, another email will be sent to you and it will include a tracking number with the postal service that we have engaged with. the tracking number will be a direct link your tracking status.

my tracking number isn't updating, help!

all our packages are shipped right from the USPS or JP post post office.

with that said, packages are forwarded to 3rd party logistics in your country and it might result in a lack of visibility on the tracking status.

if you know the specific domestic courier service, please contact them right away to track where the package is, or email/message us and we will try to help (no guarantees from there on out).


what are your refunds, returns or exchanges like?


we provide 100% refund for orders cancelled within 1 hour of ordering. thereafter your order gets ready for shipment.

after shipping out, we do not offer refunds unless the products are defective or faulty. this is highly unlikely as we check each product before packing and shipping them out.


*important: not applicable for deskmats, t-shirts, accessories, sale items and any products bought on discount.*

any returns or exchanges are available within 14 days of purchase. this will only be applied when the package is delivered.

only applicable for products with defects or if they are faulty. we recommend trying to implement fixes on your end first, please contact us via email or on our socials for assistance. depending on the brand, a manufacturer's warranty might apply.

also not applicable if keycaps/switches do not fit your keyboard. please ask us beforehand if you have any doubts. photos are taken in real life in momokeebs' studio for the best gauge on ANSI layout and colours. we cannot guarantee perfect keycap fit for other layouts like ISO, JIS.

return/exchange address

for overseas orders, shipping will be borne by the customer. when we receive the products, we will assess if they are defective or faulty. thereafter, shipping back to you will be borne by you. (we will not cover return shipping!)

return/exchange address will be provided after initiation of returned goods. 

restocking fee

for both returns and exchanges:

there will also be a 20% restocking fee for any returns or exchanges made upon acceptance of returned/refunded goods in original condition. if they arrive in a less than favourable condition, we will not be able to offer any money back for returns, nor will the exchange be deemed valid.

for exchanges:

if the product is returned in original condition, the total amount paid, less restocking fee will be available for you to choose another item. shipping will not be covered by us.

what does the restocking fee mean and entail?

we charge a 20% restocking fee for any order that's returned or exchanged. this also means that you will only receive an 80% refund of the total amount paid.

this is done to protect our small business as we have to update our inventory, check/test the products for any damages and faults.

also, there are multiple payment fees that we have to absorb that are not consumer-bearing.