blue bunny keycaps

adorable bunny motifs with a matching white accent!

monsgeek M1/M1W V3

the ever popular M1/M1W now upgraded!

akko creamy purple switches

creamy tactiles that don't break the bank.

bear bakery keycaps

embark on a freshly baked journey with the cutest bears :3


make a splash with our okinawa keycaps!

designed by the momokeebs team, with elements that will take you on a trip around this hearty island. :)

pre-order now!

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latest keycaps



back in stock!

the strawberry shortcake keycaps set sits on your keyboard like a cloud, with rose muted tones and MAO profile height for that extra cuteness :3

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  • Leobog Hi75

    springtime cats keycaps

    poro switches

  • Leobog Hi75

    itachi keycaps

    TTC gold blue switches

  • M5W

    custom-made frieren keycaps

    jkdk hillstone switches

  • M7W

    daifuku keycaps

    cream blue switches

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