factory lubed vs. hand lubed switches, what's the difference?

hello there! you might be wondering what are the differences, pros and cons of the factory lubed or hand lubed switches. read on to find out more! 

factory lubed:

these are lubed while switches are being manufactured in the factory. usually they are lightly brushed with their own brand of lube, and they are applied only on the stem/rails of the switches. 

factory lubed switches are the perfect go-to for builders that want to assemble a board, and then proceed on to plug & play. no extra hassle! 


you get a little extra smoothness at no extra cost

hassle-free keyboard assembling!


that light brushing of lube might not be as smooth as being hand lubed

lubes that factories use might differ from hand lubed ones that will, all in all, affect the overall typing experience. 

hand lubed:

some switch manufacturers offer hand lubed switches as an option now to help you save loads of time while building your keyboard! with that said, you are still free to choose unlubed switches to lube them yourself. 


be in total control of the type of lube, amount of lube to apply on the switches.

you get the best results from switch lubing!


manufacturer's hand lube or, manually lubing by yourself might cause switches to get 'stuck' due to overlubing. this is a common occurence but don't fret! it can be resolved by spamming (or rage pressing) your keys to help even out the lube within the switch. 

time and effort involved - be prepared to spend some hours doing this! 

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